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Car battery safeguard

The idea

The aim of the second edition of Dev’sKitchen hackathon is a system responsible for informing the driver about the problems which may occur with his car battery especially when the temperature falls below zero Celsius degrees.

The system consists of a small IoT device connected to a car battery. It monitors the voltage level and sends the collected data to cloud where data is analysed in terms of voltage anomalies which indicate that the battery will die in a certain amount of time. If such event occurs the SMS message is send to the user in order to inform him and let him react in advance.

Champions of tech

The team

24 hours of brain-melting action


0600 - 0700
Team briefing & Accelerated training
0700 - 0800
Planning & Design
0715 - 1100
Iteration #1 - Coding & Hardware
1100 - 1130
First Demo
1130 - 1300
Re-Planinng & Re-Design
1300 - 1600
Iteration #2 - Coding & Hardware
1600 - 1630
Second Demo
1630 - 1800
Re-Planning & Re-Design
1830 - 2000
Iteration #3 - Coding & Hardware
2000 - 2030
Final Demo
2100 - 1200
Party Sprint
1200 - 0600
Final Stretch
Stress release tools


Fatigue, stress associated with passing time and conflicts with co-workers often pose an insurmountable problem. As far as the latter requires more engagement, boredom and tension need certain measures to be taken that are quite easy to implement. Psychologists usually recommend alleviating methods of unwinding in a relaxing and calm environment.

However, we approached this problem a bit less conventionally, thanks to help of our world-famous, but a little underrated advisor – Bartosz
Jędrasik, who suggests to apply these methods for rebooting our inner system

Inflatable clubs
Liquid motivation

Tin of Taran

To help realize the team's full potential they are given access to the extremely potent Tin Of Taran. It is a drink with mystical powers enchanted by asking the great masters living secluded lives in temples far atop mountain peaks \"How to best motivate a team of aspiring developers?\" for so long they started crying tears of pure wisdom. Their occular drippings were later canned into this limited edition beverage, only to ever see the light of day on special, history-altering occassions... such as this one.

Here to help

Mentors & Crew

Providing invaluable assets