The mystery revealed

What is Dev's Kitchen?

Although a hackathon is usually a form of a competition between groups of programmers and graphic designers, we have focused on observing the performance carried out only by one team. After receiving a task (which describes the core functionality only), a group of developers is to bring the project to the stage of a full-scale Proof of Concept from soup to nuts in just one day. The developers have at their disposal The Kitchen, which comprises all the necessary hardware and software tools offered by the market. They include prototyping devices, all workable programming spices, and even a big pot (sometimes called a “3D printer”). Carefully stored know-how can be found in The Kitchen as well. Participants will master it through a series of short and intensive product, methodology and technology training sessions.

Thus, the only thing they need to achieve the goal is a huge amount of hard work and patience, as well as a pinch of brilliance and creativity. Our task will be to see if those are actually sufficient for a perfect success recipe.

Means to an end

Why are we doing this?

Because we are a bit nuts about thinking outside the box. Besides, we want to prove ourselves and the community of developers that a business idea (so-called “Proof of Concept”) can be verified within only 24 hours. We came up with our own, unique form of Hackathon. Although Dev's Kitchen meets the main conditions of this type of an event (such as ultra-fast time limit for completion of a predefined task or crowning it with a demo), in several aspects it stands out in a significant way.

So… why are we tormenting only one team?

Although we get it that the element of competition is often a key factor, during this edition of Dev's Kitchen we want to observe carefully only one team. Our ambition is to create the perfect recipe for success. We want to verify what are the real chances for the commercial realization of the idea if it fulfills all the conditions for doing so. We also want to see what competences are essential for completing a project from top to bottom, at the same time analyzing which motivations and emotions the participants are guided by during a project development.

The mystery revealed

Tin of Taran

Creating a Proof of Concept in under 24 hours is truly an achievement, a feat of mythic scale. Ancient Greeks believed that as their Olympian gods clashed with titans and performed unfathomable deeds, they drank ambrosia, a legendary drink that gave them eternal youth, beauty and wisdom. As we command the awesome might of technology it is only natural that we needed our own form of liquid refreshment of equally miraculous properties. To achieve this, we’ve developed Tin of Taran. Named after one of the greatest film directors alive, it serves as nuclear fuel for Dev’s Kitchen. To brew this magical concoction, we’ve squeezed the acid from millions of batteries and extracted tears from thousands of liberal arts students. The resulting liquid is so potent, that it will likely blow the head of those not prepared for its raw power. Those deemed worthy, however, will find themselves in an elevated state, working from dusk till dawn, or more like from task till done. It’s up to you, whether you embrace this heavenly gift and ascend or refuse it and be forever forgotten. To help you overcome this indecision, we’ll ask You but one question: TIN OF TARAN - DO YOU DRINK IT?