Get creative

Start with an idea

Let's perform a simple thought experiment: you came up with a new brilliant idea, a complete revolution, and a solution so genuine and groundbreaking that it has to be a game changer. Taking it even further, you had your project scrutinized by experts, consulted with friends and you are absolutely sure it had not yet been implemented anywhere else. You have spent considerable time planning and honing your product and now it's finally ready to be deployed. In short, it’s perfect. It is flawless and it is going to skyrocket your revenue to unfathomable levels.

If any of this applies to you, then it means you should probably take your pot off the fire.

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Talent overwhelming

Gather your team

Previously on Dev's Kitchen we showed you the importance of careful planning, smooth execution and proper research. However, if your idea is meant to be a real breakthrough, you will need to add a few more crucial ingredients to your recipe (with a small hint of several all night crunches).

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Route to profit

Plan a business

A business model canvas (BMC) is a useful and comprehensible tool for strategic planning. With it you will be able to describe and present a structure of your business plan with great clarity. It will also help you to decide what is essential to create a perfect dish, and which components are best left off the pot. That way, you can focus on your core business features.

Do not be worried if you cannot define them on the spot. Creating a coherent BMC requires a lot of experience and management skills, but you will acquire those soon enough.

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Staying ahead of the race

Know your competition

Before you start developing your idea, it is absolutely crucial to perform thorough research of the industry you want to engage in. You must define its scope, understand its nature, and figure out, who else is there, willing to cut a slice of cake for himself. Make no mistake; you are not alone in there. Do not worry too much, however, because if you do your research properly, it will help you asses who are you dealing with and how far are they willing to go to win their prize. Remember, the smaller the business, the higher the penalty for competing against larger companies. You probably shouldn’t try to deliver global maps and market them as more functional than Google’s.

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Brace for impact

Estimate your market

If you already read our article concerning creating a Business Model Canvas you will recall we were speaking about the crucial elements it is composed of. One of them was the revenue stream. It is important to note, that designing it correctly will require performing estimations about your future market. This is imperative, because the potential development of your startup is conditioned by revenue, so it is really essential to take into account these three factors:

  • number of potential customers/active users;
  • explicit growth forecasts concerning the number of those users in a rapidly and steadily growing market;
  • the ability to attract new customers/active users.

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Productivity += entertainment

Have fun

Take heed and bear witness to the truth that lies herein, for it is truly Dev’s Kitchen most cherished wisdom. Be warned though, that you will read a statement so ridiculously inconceivable, a claim so unfathomable that you might lose any faith in the seriousness of this article. Do not waver, however and brace yourself, for what you are about to read will change you forever. The bell tolls and the words have been spoken, behold!

Work can be fun.

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Stay awhile and listen


Dev’s Kitchen was always about pushing the envelope. Whether it is delivering a proof of concept under the 24h regime or transforming even the craziest ideas into scalable and profitable business, we are there. We’re always ready to make it happen and to provide the necessary recipe and ingredients. In previous articles, we have discussed crucial components like team building, market research and competition reckon, to name the few, and of course fun. One does not simply forget about having fun. There is one more element however, which simply cannot be left out of the pot: mentoring.

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